How Much Does SEO Cost in Australia?

There is a number of factors that come into play concerning SEO costs. As a result, quotations may differ. Google weighs hundreds of factors while ranking websites and all these play a role in SEO pricing & packages in Australia. What you are likely to get are estimates for various SEO services. Our SEO Agency provides services in SydneyMelbourneBrisbanePerth and Adelaide

How Much is SEO in Australia?

How Much Does SEO Cost in Australia? – Hourly rates in Australia range from $90 to $200 on average. For a monthly SEO package, the price can range from $500 to $10,000 per month.

Nevertheless, costing estimates can help you draw up a budget for your SEO costs. One thing that is consistent with SEO prices in Australia is that they give hourly and monthly rates.

SEO Packages for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth & Adelaide 2024.
Pricing cost break-down:

Local SEO Package

$ 1000
Monthly | Targeting one city
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google My Business
  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization
  • Monthly Blog Posting
  • Speed Optimization
  • Monthly Reporting

State SEO Package

$ 2000
Monthly | Targeting your state
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google My Business
  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization
  • Monthly Blog Posting
  • Speed Optimization
  • Monthly Reporting

National SEO Package

$ 2500
Monthly | Targeting Australia
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google My Business
  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization
  • Monthly Blog Posting
  • Speed Optimization
  • Monthly Reporting

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What does industry SEO Pricing in Australia look like?


Average Hourly SEO Consulting Package (AU)$90-$200/hr
Local SEO Package$1000-$1500/month
State SEO Package$2000-$2500/month
Australian SEO Package$2500-$5000/month
Strategy & Competitor SEO Package$500-$2000

How long does it take to reach the First Page?

It depends on the keyword. For low competition keywords, you could be on page 1 within a matter of days depending on the current state of your website. Sometimes all it takes is a few tweaks other times it takes months of optimization. 

Is there a minimum term contract?

Nope, we don’t do lock in contracts. We do, however, have a recommended minimum term on all SEO campaigns of at least 6 months. Although we achieve results fast, if you leave after just one or two months you are yet to experience the full benefit of the groundwork we put in.

To grow and maintain ranking SEO should be considered a long-term activity and this is when best results occur. We deliver SEO results that move the needle, not expensive lock-in SEO contracts

How long does SEO take?

Generally speaking, it takes between 3-6 months to start seeing results from SEO. Now, this differs tremendously and largely depends on several factors. Some of them include:

  • The age of your website – If you are doing SEO on a brand new domain, it will take longer to see results. This is because a new domain has no existing authority or trust in Google’s eyes. On the other hand, a domain that’s been around for a while would have likely built trust and will therefore rank quicker
  • Your budget – In SEO you pay what you get for. If you are running on a small budget you can’t expect an agency or consultant to be effectively working on your site at a reasonably rapid rate. Generally, the better the budget, the more resources an agency can use at its disposal. 
  • Competition – SEO results will take longer if you are in a competitive industry and are trying to rank for competitive keywords. The stronger your competition the longer it will take to outrank them.
  • The current state of your website – If your current website design is old, loads slowly and has a poor site structure, that will all take time to fix and correct. 

Do you offer one-off SEO services?

No, because SEO is not a one time service. It takes months to earn Google’s trust, a once over-optimization will only get your website so far – constant updating and tweaking are crucial for success. 

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Can I stop my SEO at any time and what will happen to the rankings if I do?

SEO is not like Google AdWords. SEO requires ongoing optimization due to the fact that Google’s algorithm is always changing, meaning, what’s working today in SEO may not be working in a few months from now. It’s something that needs to be constantly monitored. 

If you stop SEO, your rankings may slowly drop or they may even hold or get better, We can never really know, However, if you recently started SEO for 3 months and then stop there’s a good chance you will either drop or remain stable. Rankings only hold if you have been doing SEO for a long period of time and have earned Google’s trust. 

Can you guarantee #1 ranking in Google?

No, and no other SEO company in Australia can. Any SEO agency guaranteeing you any form of rankings is playing you. Rankings can not be guaranteed simply due to the fact that we don’t own Google and have no idea when their next update is coming and what it will impact. Also, your competitors are probably always improving their sites and there’s a chance they can be favoured in the search results ahead of you. 

How many keywords can we target?

Our approach to keyword targeting is not about quantity. With all our campaigns, we will target the keywords that will drive an ROI for your business, whether that’s 10 keywords or 25 keywords. It’s more about selecting the correct keywords than the number. 

Why Does SEO Have Recurring Costs?

SEO includes recurring costs because stagnant content will not rank. Eventually, competitors will outperform your website and start to rank higher if you are not on top of things. Think of SEO as a marathon, you have to keep running otherwise you will drop out and lose. Your website is in a marathon with your competitors and Google only picks the top 10 to display on page 1. There are also always new keywords to target and new techniques that need to be implemented based on Google’s ever-changing algorithm. 

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What does our SEO Package Include?

Google Analytics Setup

Setting up Google Analytics is crucial for an SEO campaign because it allows us to track how your website is performing. With metrics such as organic traffic, session duration, average time on page, it will be difficult to assess how the website is performing. This is why we set up Google Analytics on every website we work on (if it hasn’t been set up already).

Google Search Console Setup

Similar to Google Analytics, Google Search Console is just, if not more important for your website. Google Search Console is your direct channel of communication to Google. Information such as backlinks, sitemaps, clicks and impressions are all metrics that can be found in Google Search Console as well as looking at any previous penalties.

Google Tag Manager Setup

Google Tag Manager allows us to easily input code on to your website. We do this so we can track your conversions such as phone calls, downloads, email clicks, contact form submissions and much more. Without it Google Tag Manager, things would be difficult. 

Detailed Website Audit 

At the beginning of every SEO campaign, we do a complete audit covering everything from on-page optimization, off-page optimization, local SEO, content marketing, technical SEO, site speed, indexation, plus a lot more. Without doing a proper SEO audit in beginning, we won’t be able to fix the issues once the campaign is in progress because we’ll be unaware of what errors are on the website.

Competitor Analysis

In addition to a website audit, we conduct a competitor analysis which is looking at competitors that you are trying to outrank rank on Google and figuring out how long it’s going to take to get that done. We look at things such as your competitor’s speed, backing profile and the keywords they’re trying to target.

Keyword Research & Mapping

Keyword research is another crucial part of the overall process. Without knowing what keywords to target, the campaign is useless. So what we do in the beginning is put together a list of highly relevant keywords that have a high search volume and use those keywords throughout the campaign. From there we map the correct keywords to the correct pages and make sure that each page targets one primary keyword and a set of secondary keywords.

Technical SEO (Schema, URL structure & more)

Technical SEO is the behind the scenes of your website and how everything is running in regards to your CMS platform. Technical SEO involves aspects such as your site speed, schema, URL structure, canonical tags, title and description plus much more. 

On-Page Optimization 

On-page optimization involves getting the correct keywords that you would like to target and optimizing your website for those keywords. That could include writing more content, optimizing existing content, adding headings and images to your pages and creating blog posts plus a range of different activities to effectively target those keywords. 

Off-Page Optimization (Building Backlinks)

Off-page optimization is just as important as on-page SEO because, without strong backlinks, ranking websites on Google will be very difficult, especially if your competitors have a strong backlink profile. During our SEO campaign, we will be building relevant, strong backlinks to your websites. These techniques are all white hat SEO and will not get any penalties in Google.

Local SEO (Google My Business)

Local SEO is targeting customers in your specific area regardless of where you are based in Australia. Local SEO involves setting up a Google My Business listing and optimizing the listing for customers in your area. Without an optimized Google my business listing, targeting customers in your area will be very difficult and your competitors will win all the local leads. 

Website Analysis 

A website analysis goes hand in hand with our SEO audit where we analyse the current state of your website to determine how much work it’s going to take to rank your website in Google. The website analysis will look at your current content, backlinks, user experience and whether your website works on mobile plus a whole lot more

Site Optimization – Performance & Speed  

Site optimisation and especially your site speed is a ranking factor so during the SEO campaign we will ensure that your website loads quickly and that your users don’t have to wait long for any page to load. This includes desktop and mobile 

Content Marketing Optimization

Content marketing optimization is the process we use when creating a blog for your website. The blog topics will be based on the services and are usually linked to commonly asked questions your customers would be searching for in Google. A blog is a great way to improve your organic traffic by writing on topics that are interesting to your audience.

Website Ranking & Keyword Tracking

Website ranking and keyword tracking will be covered in our monthly reports. It’ll be an interactive dashboard that updates in real-time allowing you to log in whenever you please and get updated. The report will cover everything from your rankings, traffic, conversions and more. 

Conversion Tracking 

Conversion tracking is something we do through Google tag manager and it involves tracking conversions that are important to your business. We generally track conversions such as phone calls, email clicks, contact form submissions &  downloads. Before we start tracking conversions, we will ask you what you would like to track and make sure that we have all those metrics tracked before the SEO campaign starts.

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Is SEO Right For your Business?

Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing strategy involving driving online searches to a specific website. SEO involves directing online searches to a website over tons of other business competitor’s websites. SEO is very appropriate for businesses especially organizations and enterprises on digital platforms. This is driven by the fact that an estimated 1.5 million searches are done on Google Scholar in a second. 

Of these online searches, an estimated 1.8 million are aimed at finding websites that sell products. SEO comes in handy to support lead generation to a specific website. Without SEO business websites would be dormant and would not attract new customers. SEO is majorly aimed at increasing an enterprise’s competitive advantage by driving online search traffic to the required business website. Presently, digital marketing is not just about creating websites and hosting them, it requires a framework for locating them. 

This is the paramount function of SEO. SEO helps businesses through; Customer trust establishment, building business moral autonomy, allowing awesome website’s user-experience, lead generations, and online brand establishment. 

The paradigm shift of business practice from analog to digital makes SEO a very crucial business strategy that any business should consider using. The shift to digital marketing with the use of websites as a major communication tool places SEO as the modern business strategy for individual and big organizations. In the 21st century SEO should be considered by all businesses and enterprises. Businesses that have not yet explored SEO activities should try out this new strategy. 

Is SEO Worth the Money?

SEO through organic search and lead generation to enterprise’s websites is worth the money for any business. Through directing traffic over millions of websites, SEO stands out as the best option of marketing business on the digital platform. This is necessitated by the paradigm shift of business practices from the analog physical search to digital marketing. For any enterprise investing in SEO is an awesome business strategy in the 21st century. 

Technology is the second factor that gives relevance to the use of SEO. Technology is termed as the inevitable dynamic shift in practices regarding digital, social, and communication strategies. SEO is a technological innovation that is relevant for the current digital marketing transformation. The use of social media is on the rise. SEO utilizes the use of social media through digital advertising and converting online searches to leads. 

SEO is a relevant investment both for small, middles, and large investments and is worth your money. It is a strategy that can make a small business stand out over competitors and rise to establish itself. SEO is used by giant enterprises for driving leads to their websites enabling them to stand out over other businesses. They invest huge financial costs in SEO by hiring the best SEO experts enabling their businesses to remain autonomous. 

Acquiring new customers for any enterprise is a success indicator for the business. It is a performance indicator to prove that SEO is performing prudently. Because of digital marketing dynamics coupled with technological advances SEO is a worth business practice. 

Why is SEO so expensive? 

SEO is a tremendously growing digital marketing strategy and enhancing it is not a walk in the park. Some of the facts that make SEO an expensive strategy involves the following:

Development Cost 

Building a working SEO framework is not a bed of roses for most businesses and enterprises. It requires setting up a properly formulated business and digital plan. 

These strategies may involve setting up niches that define the extent to which traffic should flow. It could also involve differentiating convertible leads from undirected leads. 

Aligning the business’s website to a properly formulated digital channel is also another developmental challenge. To ensure the website stands out from other websites, SEO experts have to devise a unique approach to ensure it achieves its intended purpose.

Expertise Cost

Finding the best SEO expert is a very challenging process. Remember that not all SEO specialists can drive traffic to the websites. While that is the main goal of SEO, some SEO experts are focused on earning money at the expense of the enterprise. 

This makes it very costly in hiring the best SEO experts. Established SEO experts walk the business through all the stages ensuring that the business achieves a competitive advantage. Furthermore, SEO training requires years of practice to ensure that it achieves intended traffic generation.

This refers to the dynamics of separating genuine traffic from unconvertible strategy. Extensive content has to be factored in before SEO is achieved. Through extensive content search, the right traffic is directed to the required website. 

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The Risks of Using Cheap SEO

SEO is an awesome digital marketing strategy. Surprisingly, there are more risks involved in using cheap SEO than committing to an expensive SEO strategy. There are many reasons associated with using cheap SEO.

Failure to Deliver On Essential SEO Goals

Apart from the main SEO goal of setting up a business over other competitors, there are small mid-term goals that break down the main goal. There are telltale signs to indicate a cheap SEO. 

For instance, cheap SEO fails to deliver on the two important SEO short-term goals which include top-notch quality content and backlinks. Using cheap SEO strategies does not promote the business in backlinks and quality content over other business websites. This could be among the first indicators to establish a failed SEO strategy.

Financial Cost

This is a major detrimental effect that is associated with using a cheap SEO strategy. While the business owners are attracted to believe that they have saved money by hiring cheap SEO specialists in the long run it circles back to a failure in business strategy. 

In most instances, the cheap SEO specialists cannot be contacted back to work on the website when all hell breaks loose. It is during such moments that the business owners realize a duped deal. 

Fully-fledged SEO experts oversee the business, make strides after the implementation of SEO and support the business’s long-term goals. As the saying suggests “cheap is expensive” business owners should avoid hiring cheap SEO specialists because they could be fatal in the long run.

What Factors Influence SEO Prices?

It has been established that 90% of customers check the first page listings on the search engines. There are various SEO prices influencing factors and determinants.

The Websites Number Of Pages

Business websites have multiple web pages. SEO advertising strategy involves the use of web pages where searches are performed. The more web pages are used for SEO the higher the cost and vice versa. 

Depending on the nature and level of the enterprise, business owners can choose the number of web pages they want for optimization.


This is used to measure the length which the SEO projects take. A fully successful SEO strategy involves adopting a long-term plan without dropping the SEO experts along the way. 

The length of time on the SEO project requires more financial cost. Engaging the SEO planners for a longtime plan is expensive but satisfactory in the long run.

The SEO Expert Level

There are lots of SEO experts available. The nature and level of the SEO experts influence the SEO prices. High-ended SEO experts include teams that have diverse SEO knowledge and have developed many SEO successful projects hiring these SEO experts is expensive.

The SEO strategy

SEO experts use a myriad of SEO strategies to drive traffic to a website. These strategies range from experts to experts and cut across in terms of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) of the business to database and inventories used. To have full SEO experience, investors need to hire SEO experts with the best SEO strategies.

Understanding SEO Prices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide

Small Businesses can afford SEO services because there are various SEO packages available in the market. SEO services vary as well in terms of the optimization technique intended. While other small businesses can muster up enough financial muscle to afford the high-end SEO packages and experts, the small businesses which cannot afford that can opt for the less affordable SEO experts.

Using affordable SEO strategies requires patience and commitment from both the SEO experts and the business owners. Some large business enterprises have grown from using affordable SEO strategies but maintaining them in the long run. Finally, it is not about the best SEO expert but the most experienced, long-term SEO experts. Other SEO packages could favour small businesses including using less optimized SEO pages. 

Because SEO involves listing the business’ webpages on the search engines, the small business could use few optimized pages to cut on cost then expand later for more pages. On the other hand, unlike huge businesses, small businesses could choose to use a few but competent SEO expertise. This will cut tremendously on cost. During this continuous phase, it could consider checking the short-term goals and adding more strategies if the SEO strategy is working on their side. 

Additionally, the small business could choose to train their SEO experts then use them in the long run to implement SEO contrary to using already established SEO’s. Small businesses can afford SEO services through a well-planned SEO strategy. 

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I Don’t Have an SEO Budget, What Should I do?

The first thing you need to do is consult with us. Our team will be happy to provide you with a free consultation on what you should do. 

There is no need of panicking or worrying when you lack an SEO budget. Here are some interventions that you could use.

Use Informed Strategies

Informed strategies include setting the stage for discussions. Seeking financial expertise opinions goes a long way in guiding the SEO non-budgeted situations. 

The financial experts will study the different market and business dynamics and provide feasible solutions. With such interventions, the business won’t be far off from riding on the safe path. Finding an SEO financial expert is key in salvaging this situation.

Study The Gaps and Fill Them

Budget gaps could result from loads of situations. They could be financial, time, or situational. Evaluate the gaps keenly by involving other business stakeholders such as business partners. 

Work on the gaps by following deliberations. This will allow the business to withstand the lack of SEO situations. Prudently observe the situation at hand by noting them. This would help find a working non-budget environment.

Learn From Others

Lacking an SEO budget is a common occurrence for many business start-ups. The business stakeholders should look for information from other businesses and find out how they effectively overcame them. 

Financial budget situations are best solved by comparing with other businesses. Furthermore, business owners can find information from reliable websites.

When Choosing a SEO Package, What Should you Look For?

There are numerous things one should look for when choosing an SEO package.

The Expertise Level

One should find out what SEO expertise level was used in the design of the budget. When studying the expertise level one should be able to pinpoint the crucial determinants that promote SEO to the website.

The Number Of Pages

It is very critical to look at the number of pages to be optimized the more the number of pages the higher the cost and vice versa. One should look for information to find out if the required pages can be optimized versus the intended budget.

Package Dynamics

One should prudently evaluate the information provided by the package. Information such as instant SEO experience is usually null and void. This is because SEO is achieved over a long-term period. 

Other common lies involve a promise of having the first page in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Business owners should look at these essential dynamics to avoid being duped.

Package Integration

The package should be able to integrate perfectly with the website components. Integration mismatch will lead to a skewed website scenario where traffic does not drive to the website. The process of traffic integration should be studied over a certain period and ascertained to prove the match. 

Before proceeding to accept the package, business owners should liaise with other business experts to find out useful system information. Most importantly the business needs to have considered SEO to be the best marketing strategy for the business.

SEO Service Cost

SEO companies offer several varieties of packages and prices based on the size and niche of the website. Here are some of the typical packages offered by Australian SEO Professionals.

Keyword Packages

Keywords are still very relevant with regard to Google rankings. SEO experts explore the most relevant ones to use for your site. Peppering your content with the most relevant keywords helps to get your site on the first page. 

Many companies will give you a standard number of keywords for every SEO package. They will then price the package depending on specific factors and give you a quotation. For instance, a company may offer a 10-keyword package at R 1, 600 per month. 

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Website Audit

Your SEO company will run a website audit on your site to determine your optimization needs. The experts will analyze your website for information such as:

  • Site speed
  • Headings
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Meta-descriptions

Competitor Tracking and Analysis

For your business to grow, you must check your competition out, see what they are doing and offer something better. Before this happens, you must understand who the competition is in your niche. 

SEO experts help you to figure out the tasks that you must prioritize to stay ahead of your competitors. They also research and determine which keywords will help to drive traffic to your site. 

Off-Page Optimization

Some SEO companies do not offer this service. If you need it, you must first ensure that your provider includes the service in their packages. The on/off-optimization service is priced depending on the number of hours a month the company allocates it. 

Site-Map Integration

If your website has multiple categories and sub-categories, this package is crucial. Site-map integration helps your visitors to quickly find the pages they need. Hence, it helps to boost user experience. 

Monthly Analytics

Your SEO company will provide a monthly analytics report to keep you informed about the progress of your site since optimization. A few companies even offer the weekly report option as well. This should help you decide if SEO is a useful business strategy for you or not. 

SEO Packages Australia

Each SEO company in Australia offers different prices & SEO packages depending on specific factors. Some may even go lower or higher than the figures suggested in these services. 

Google constantly updates its algorithms as well as ranking specifics. Also, the SEO process is long-term. Therefore, monthly packages may be your best option. 

To achieve your business objectives, consider investing in SEO for 6 to 9 months or more. This is ample time to accomplish a goal such as ranking in the top 5 on Google. The higher your site is ranked, the easier it is to get traffic. 

The final amount depends on the additions included in your package of choice. Also, the number of hours per month dedicated to SEO will reflect in the final figure. 

Benefits of Monthly SEO Packages

Single Payment

Once you have signed on the dotted line, you can leave everything to the SEO experts. You can then shift your focus to running your business and enjoying the influx of new customers. 

The Partnership is Long-Term

Monthly packages help to foster a partnership with your SEO providers. A relationship is born of this partnership. The SEO experts will be as invested as you are in ensuring the success of your business. 

Also, a long-term partnership allows the SEO company to put long-term practices that will work well into the future. 

Fixed Budget

There are no unprecedented budget surprises to anticipate. You have a fixed amount of money to work with every month. 

Long-term Commitment

A long-term contract requires funds to maintain it. Monthly SEO packages need to run for at least 9 months for you to start seeing results. This is usually worth the money, provided you are seeing results.

Hourly SEO Services

Hourly packages are very attractive and may seem like the way to go. It is transparent as you can easily see when the SEO specialist logs in. Also, you can predict the costs.

However, SEO can take longer than you anticipated and the hourly charges can pile up. Also, you may interfere with the essence of SEO. It is results-oriented and requires time to achieve the desired results. Additionally, it is slow as it takes time to build links and monitor relationships. 

Project-Based SEO Services in Australia

Large companies benefit the most from project-based SEO services. A large company runs an equally large website and engages in rigorous SEO. However, SMEs requiring short-term SEO services over a set period can also benefit, whether that’s in Cape Town, Durban, or Pretoria.  

For instance, if you need to launch your company website, project-based SEO is the perfect fit.

There is no fixed sum for a project-based SEO service. Hence, you will not fret about hourly charges and your budget getting bloated. The business agrees with the SEO services provider and the project takes off upon payment of 50% of the agreed price.

You can pay the rest of the money over a set period as the work progresses. Alternatively, you can pay the remaining 50% upon completion of the project. Do your research on costs, however, to avoid being overcharged. A reliable SEO provider will not give you inflated figures.

Understanding Search Engine Optimization Costs

SEO takes time and should not be rushed. It is also progressive especially with regards to Google’s constant updates. Therefore, you must be patient as the SEO specialists work to get your site ranked favourably in the search engines.


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