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Today’s e-commerce market is incredibly competitive especially when it comes to online visibility, rankings on search results, and online conversion rates. Yes, you have many potential customers who are actively searching for your B2B solutions, but are they finding your competitors instead?

We are here to help you unleash the potential of your e-commerce business and gain control of your visibility on search. Revolutionize your online presence with BetterSEO today, the definitive game-changer you need to get to #1 on Google search ahead of all your competitors in your industry.

Ecommerce SEO Agency

SEO for e-commerce is all about elevating your eCommerce store in search rankings so all your potential customers can see you first. Primarily, you want your website to appear first on the top search engines which include mobile search, social media, Google search, Bing, and Maps. Driving an eCommerce business to the top of SERPs in a fiercely competitive online space is becoming harder by the day. You need a dedicated SEO agency like BetterSEO to rise above the noise, drive organic traffic to your store, increase online conversion rates, and ultimately boost online sales.

SEO for e-commerce with BetterSEO is not just about optimizing product listings and website copy. It includes many other vital and proven techniques like keyword research, content marketing, local SEO, link building, website optimization, audience building with email newsletter signups and so much more.

ecommerce seo services

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Boost E-commerce Store Search Rankings with Content

Good content is king when it comes to SEO in today’s competitive market and BetterSEO has just what you need to put your B2B e-commerce store on the first page of Google. Our content strategies include creating compelling, relevant, authoritative, and SEO-optimized content that boosts search rankings. Our expert writers can create blogs, long-form articles, case studies, compelling B2B e-commerce ad copy, and guides that resonate with your target audience. The BetterSEO content strategy is tailored to your audience and designed to establish your brand as a niche authority to boost organic search traffic to your website.

Optimize your mobile website for On-the-Go Success

Over 60% of searches on Google are done with mobile devices today. This is why every online vendor must, as a matter of urgency, optimize their web presence for mobile. You can expect a big chunk of organic traffic to your B2B e-commerce websites to come from mobile devices even when your primary audience is businesses. BetterSEO understands the importance of mobile SEO for online conversions. We help optimize your website and other online assets you might have for mobile devices. Our mobile SEO game plan is aimed at providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for your visitors when they are browsing from their computers or on the go.

Keywords for Ecommerce SEO

Keywords are the bread and butter of all ecommerce SEO campaigns and BetterSEO is a master of keyword research and optimization. You need to know which keywords are most relevant to your B2B e-commerce store and choose the ones that will bring high-quality traffic your way. The use of keywords also ranks you ahead of the competition where it matters most. BetterSEO dives deep into your specific market segments to identify the best, high-converting keywords for your B2B e-commerce company. We strategically incorporate the keywords into your meta tags, product or service descriptions, and blog content. We have access to the best keyword research tools in the industry and proven success with B2B e-commerce keyword optimization.


• E-commerce businesses experience a 23% jump in online sales after a robust SEO campaign bringing organic traffic.
• Organic e-commerce store traffic has been linked to online searches by real people
• Over 52% of searches for online products and services have a local intent (Local SEO)
• LSI keywords are king with over 70% of buyers using more than three words on search engines

There is a lot more you can gain with a well-executed e-commerce SEO campaign and equally a lot to lose without one. Tired of ranking in the second or third pages of search? Start today with a BetterSEO and see your organic sales rise.

Many experts agree that links are the lifeblood of all SEO campaigns and BetterSEO is an industry leader when it comes to link building for e-commerce SEO. We are ready to leverage our vast network of authoritative websites to obtain clean, authoritative backlinks for your B2B e-commerce website. We use a combination of tried and tested link-building strategies that may include:

• Link exchanges
• Inhouse link building
• Guest posts
• Directory listings
• Press releases and news articles
• Digital PR
• Internal Linking

Backlinks drive high-quality traffic to your website and show search engine crawlers that your business is a niche authority and reliable information source for selected topics and keywords. BetterSEO’s intelligent link-building strategy is guaranteed to establish your B2B e-commerce website’s domain authority.

The above are our primary services for B2B e-commerce SEO clients like you. However, BetterSEO understands what it takes to truly excel as a business online. In addition, we will also help you gain local authority with our Local SEO services. Google says that over 52% of searches today have a local intent and this is where your most valuable customers are. BetterSEO is an expert when it comes to local SEO with a proven track record of putting local businesses at the top of local searches, and local business listings on Maps and Google My Business pages.

Our Local SEO toolbox includes crafting content that is tailored to local audiences, local link building, business page optimization on Google My Business and so much more. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to drive your B2B e-commerce business to the stratosphere with BetterSEO. Start today to dominate your online niche and rise above your competition. Schedule your free SEO audit with BetterSEO today and start your journey to e-commerce.


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